About us

How it happened…

Your host Neal, a proud Cornishman, walked the Camino Frances, an ancient pilgrim trail in 2012. Initially he walked for headspace and the physical challenge but soon found sociability, kindness, tradition, and an invitation to see the world anew.

Coming home is always that bit easier when home is Cornwall but for Neal it had gained a new possibility; the Camino experience can happen here.

Camino just means a ‘way’ or ‘path’ in whatever sense you choose.

“We have all this in Cornwall”

Neal enjoys his Spanish Camino with friends and wine!
Neal and Julia travel to an elephant lookout in India

Getting here...

I had a steady trek west from Hertfordshire. My most recent 20-year diversion was to Oxfordshire but life and the call of the sea landed me here in 2013.

Impulse can get it very right sometimes, and the spontaneous nature of backpacking is a big part of why Neal and I love running Edensyard

Everyone has their own reasons for travel, and we hope all your Caminos are happy ones.

Some could even pass through here.

We hope some of them do.